Funny Wedding Toasts Make the Occasion More Memorable

November 26th, 2009 Levis No comments

Funny wedding toasts, in my opinion is important because it makes the wedding event more special and memorable. Click here to see how I created my speech. There are those that say that humor should not be injected in such an important part such as a wedding speech. However, I beg to differ because I have sat and bore witness to many boring speeches. I know that they were heartfelt but nevertheless….the wedding toast was not entertaining. And yes, it was memorable all right. But in a negative way. I remember those speeches as being boring and bad.

But many of us are not born comedians. And many of us, especially me have a warped sense of humor. What I consider funny will definitely not be considered humorous by others. That is why it is important to research and “borrow” from different sources.

Another tip for your wedding speech toast is to refer to a resource and change or tweak it in such a way to make it more personal. Click here to see the resource I used. What I mean by that is that something associated with the bride or groom should be interjected within that humorous passage. For example, if you are using a funny story about golf, you need to make sure that the bride or groom plays the sport.

In my case, my brother is a computer nerd. In my funny wedding speech, I talked about how my brother was infatuated with video games and computers his whole life. I told the audience that my brother started walking with a computer mouse in one hand and a keyboard in the other. I also spoke about how I was worried about my brother was so much into video games, that I became worried that he would not have a social life. Then, that led me into the next segment about how he met this girl and suddenly computer games were not important.

Most importantly, I led the audience on an emotional roller coaster. I started the wedding speech with humor, then I talked about how my brother and his bride met. Then I added that as a big brother, it was my duty to impart some marriage tips. Then I gave some funny wedding tips such as, “The honeymoon is the last vacation a man takes before he starts working under his new boss……the husband can do anything he wants in the marriage, so long as he agrees with his wife.”

You can sprinkle humor and funny stories throughout the speech but I feel that the most important thing you can do is not end with humor. You should end on a more serious note. I ended my speech with a quote from John Keats and then wished the bride and groom good luck and a prosperous future.

As you write and practice your speech, refer to other funny wedding toasts and remember, that as you practice, put yourself in the audience. Imagine how they would react to your speech. Ask yourself….would this speech be remembered far into the future? Or will it be forgotten at during the next song of the “Chicken dance.”?

Hopefully, you have time to craft your speech. It is my hopes, that you take it seriously enough to set a goal to make it the best toast that anyone in the room has ever heard.  Click here to shortcut your speech prep time.

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Wedding Speech Tips

November 11th, 2009 Levis No comments

It doesn’t matter how much humor you add into your speech.  If you don’t follow general speaking or presenting tips, your toast will not be effective.  (Click here to see how I got my creating and presentation tips.) Here, you will find some tips for a better wedding speech.

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Humorous Wedding Speeches Examples

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Putting humor in your wedding speech is important because it makes it interesting and memorable.  Fortunately, humor is plentiful.  The hard part is choosing the right words to say that is not only appropriate but will not offend.  Most importantly, you do not want to offend the bride.  With that said, here is some examples of some funny excerpts found in good speeches.  These are appropriate from the best man, maid of honor, father of the bride, and basically anyone giving a toast.

* Did you hear what happened when (bride) wore her engagement ring to work and showed it to her co-workers for the first time?  One of her co-workers gave a complement and then proceeded to give (bride) some marriage advice.  “Listen, (bride), whatever you do, don’t give in to him too easily once you are married.  Stand and demand your rights.  When I got married, I made my husband promise to give up all his sinful ways.”  “And did he?” asked (bride).  “I don’t know,” said the co-worker.  “I haven’t seen him for 15 years.”

*My niece is so inquisitive.  In fact, during the ceremony, she asked why does (bride) wear white?  I told her that white stands for “joy.”  This is (bride)’s most joyous day of her life.  That is why she wears white.  Then my niece asked, “then why does (groom) wear black?”

* (groom) writes (bride) passionate love letters.  In fact, she showed me one of the letters the other day.  It read – “My dear (bride), There is nothing that can stand in the way between us and nothing I would not do to be with you.  I would walk on glass, climb the highest mountain, cross the hottest desert, and swim the coldest oceans – just to be near you……then at the end of the letter was these words…..P.S. See you Friday?  if it doesn’t rain.”

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Funny Wedding Toasts First Post

November 4th, 2009 Levis No comments

Wow, this is my first post to my site which is called Funny Wedding Toasts.  Hopefully you have found this site because you are getting ready to give a speech at a wedding and don’t know where to start.  Or perhaps you are looking for ideas.  Well this is a great way to start because I feel that being a little humorous in giving a toast makes it more interesting and memorable.

I established this site based on my experiences and prior research that I have found helpful.  It is my hopes that what I impart unto you will be helpful in giving the best wedding speech ever.

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